How to Communicate With Your HVAC Contractor

Questions to Ask When Looking for a New HVAC Contractor

When you are shopping around for a new HVAC contractor such as Cool Care Heating & Air, try asking the following questions to every potential contractor:

HVAC Equipment

1. Will they inspect the entire system, such as electrical components and ductwork?

2. Will they measure your home and adhere to the Manual J guidelines with regards to sizing new equipment?

3. Will they show you proof of licensing and insurance?

4. Will they show you proof of HVAC certification and referrals? Make sure you ask them for current referrals and examples of their work.

5. Will they complete and submit any warranty information, paperwork or local rebates on your behalf?

6. Will they give you upfront prices, bids, documentation, certifications, sizing calculations, etc. in writing?

7. Will they give you clear communication pertaining to your HVAC system, how to use it properly, and any tips to make sure the system stays operating at its best?


1. Will they evaluate the HVAC system’s air balance, which is done by measuring the supply and return ducts?

2. When insulating the air ducts, will they be sealed first?

3. Will they test the air ducts to ensure there are no leaks?

Verification, Guarantees, and Maintenance

Before any work is done, you and the contractor must both sign a written proposal. Make sure you first read it carefully before signing, and ask the following questions:

1. Are the work details listed, in addition to where the equipment will be installed? Does it include all the start and finish dates, contractor’s insurance policy, and license number?

2. Will they specify what the make and model of the equipment is, plus, the model numbers, names, quantity, manufacturer warranties, etc.?

3. Once the work is done, will they give you the owner’s manuals, documents pertaining to the installation procedures, AHRI certificate, etc.?

4. Is the payment schedule confirmed in writing?

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